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Sports Massage (NEW)

  $50.00 (30 min)

$90.00 (60 min)

Sports massage was originally developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.

But you don't have to be an athelete to benefit from sports massage. Sports massage is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion. The massage therapist generally concentrates on a specific problem area.

Aromatherapy Massage

$90.00 (60 min)

  package: $240 (3 hours)

Aromatherapy Massage- A beautiful partnership between touch and scent that brings a meditative and somatic experience into the traditional massage. Certain essential oils contain healing properties, together, these components create a deep mind, body, and spirit connection.

Head & Scalp Massage

  $30.00 (30 min)

Tension releasing massage along temples, forehead, jaw,and crown of the head will bring recipients a clearer state of mind while also enjoying the added bonuses of strengthening hair follicles for healthier hair, better sleep, and some alleviation of neck pain. As cranial discomfort melts away, no longer sending distressed signals to the mind, the body too will slip away into a deep, much needed, healing state.

Swedish Massage

 $80.00 (60 min)

package: $350 (5 hours)

Thank your body for it's hard work with a comforting full-body massage that promotes relaxation as muscle tension disappear...

Deep Tissue(Therapeutic Massage)

   $80 (60 min)

package: $350 (5 hours)

This is massage at its finest. An individualized massage of multiple techniques wrapped into one session to give your body what it needs. Design to treat a specific conditions with pampering bodywork.

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

  $120.00 (80 min)
package: $330 (240min)

After a full Thai massage, muslin balls filled with herbs steamed Herbal heated into warm compress, are rolled or pressed onto the muscles that have been thoroughly worked. These herbs, specified for clients are used to prevent bruising, heal skin conditions, to boosting the lymphatic system.

Hot Stone Massage

$90 (60 min)

package: 240 (3 hours)

Perfectly heated Basalm Stones, naturally smoothed by water and time, used to apply gentle pressure to the body for deep heated relief.

Herbal Body Wrap

$65.00 (50 min)

Involves indulging the skin in natures finest bounty of herbs. Relax as Herbs of an exotic origin are cocooned around your body to relax, detox, restore and rejuvenate .

Table Tai Massage

 $90 (60 min)

package: 240 (3 hours)

Therapist stretches clients into poses in order to apply massages onto energetic meridians and channels. The pulling, stretching, arching, and strokes not only rejuvenate and energize the recipient, but the process also brings about a sense of awareness and concentration.

Foot Reflexology

$35 (30 min)

$50 (50 min)

A treatment designed to tackle your body using one the most over worked and stressed parts of the body. The Foot Zone therapy the stimulates functions throughout the whole body.

Chair Massage

$1 per min


Also known as Corporate Massage because of the ergonomically designed portable chair. This type of massage may be done in a variety of settings. Such as corporate and special events upon request. Chair massage focuses on head, neck, shoulders, upper back, arms, and hands. It is the perfect mid-day work escape and makes a great party favor at any event.

Table Stretching

$80.00 (1 hour)
package: $350.00 (5hours)

Table Stretching increases blood flow to muscles, joints and cartilage. Improves range of motion, flexibility and balance. Stretching is vital for alleviating low back pain and stress caused by tension and tightness. Combination of massage and stretching is the best for those who are active on regular basis for it restores your body beyond just relaxation.

Ear Candling


Our superior quality of candles provides safe and effective irrigation of the ear. Creating a warm sensation that gently frees the ear canal of wax, water, and other debris. Great for allergy sufferers.

Customized Facial

 $75.00(60 min)

Let us pamper your face,Let us cleanse, steam, massage, peel, exfoliate and moisturize you with our luxury line of skin care Provided by Eminence,handmade organic skin care of Hungary. Celebrating 50 years of excellence, providing the very best nature has to offer. (If you love the products please speak with one of our staff to help you place and order.)

Foot&Hand Invigorating Scrub

  $50.00(40 min)