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110 South 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

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About Spring Reflexology Center



The Spring Reflexology Center is located in the heart of the historical Rittenhouse Square Neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.

The Spring Reflexology Center has been a proud member of the Philadelphia, PA small business community since 2002. We offer a wide variety of massage modalities and a warm and friendly staff as diverse and the services.

Here we to blend the very best of East and West to create an environment true serenity and well being. We welcome you to come by for free consult, relax, get a massage! Once you do, you will feel like family and you know family is always welcomed.

Chair Massage ( Available for events in site)
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage (Therapeutic Massage)
Hot Stone Massage
Table Thai Massage
Table stretching
Aromatherapy Massage
Thai Herbal Ball Massage
Foot reflexology
Ear candling
Herbal body wrap
Head & Scalp massage
Foot & Hand Invigorating scrub


Table Stretching

Table Stretching increases blood flow to muscles, joints and cartilage. Improves range of motion, flexibility and balance. Stretching is vital for alleviating low back pain tension and tightness caused by stress. Combination of massage and stretching is the best for those who are active, restoring your body beyond just relaxation.


We provide a variety of massages including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Shiatsu,Table Tai, Stone, Chair Massage, Muscle Therapy,   Eastern and Western combined methods are delivered to the demands of our customers. Based on each customer's weight, body type and stress level we customize massage for each individual, ensuring a massage that's perfect for you.

 Foot Reflexology

A treatment designed to tackle your body using one the most over worked and stressed parts of the body. The Foot Zone therapy the stimulates functions throughout the whole body.

Facial Care

Our facials come from an eastern style of deep cleaning  including: steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions,and  facial masks.  Smoothing and gentle hand techniques with neck and shoulder massages using pressure points allow for greater feeling of deep relaxation Our therapy will increase brightening for a gradual illumination of the skin tone. Revitalizing, healing and refreshing leaving you to feel great the rest of your day.


Our acupressure treatment uses brand new equipment from China that replaces common acupuncture needles. These devices use magnetic elements along with suction to heal with the same effects as traditional treatment it bringing the body into a deeply relaxing state. You won't feel any pain, or need to fear needles.

Ear Candle

Ear candles have been used traditionally by Shaman Healers of indigenous tribes since ancient times. The Hopi are a Native American people from Arizona, USA who handed down the tradition of ear candle healing (or Thermo-Auricular Therapy).The candles are a gentle and natural alternative to ear syringing. The gentle warmth transmitted from the ear candle helps soothe pain and discomfort in the ear.